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Jesse Drury Talks Savages- the longest established bicycle shop in Canada
According to the David Suzuki Foundation, cars are the largest source of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants—contributing to habitat-destroying climate change and increased problems with respiratory health.
Cycling is a quick way to get around in the city; it reduces the risk of many health problems and requires less than $500 for upkeep and accessories each year—a lot less than your average motor vehicle!
Making the move to active transportation is not one that can be done overnight. Just like owning and operating a motor vehicle, getting around on a bicycle is something that requires planning and thought: what kind of bicycle should you buy? How do you service a bicycle if it breaks? What are the rules of the road?
All of these questions can prove quite intimidating to new cyclists, and if they don’t know where to go to get the expert advice they’re seeking, they might be deterred from biking completely.

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